2019 Schedule & Tickets

Our exciting 2019 summer schedule is out! Get your Season Tickets now! Call 919-422-4323 today!!

Fans can watch home games on live stream on the Geneva Red Wings Page on Youtube

Fans can also follow all games on the PGCBL Scoreboard

Friday 5/31 at Elmira
Saturday 6/1 vs. Newark Pilots Opening Day at McDonough Park!
Sunday 6/2 at Mohawk Valley
Tuesday 6/4 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Thursday 6/6 vs. Utica Blue Sox
Friday 6/7 at Newark
Saturday 6/8 at Adirondack
Sunday 6/9 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Tuesday 6/11 vs. Utica Blue Sox
Thursday 6/13 at Elmira
Friday 6/14 vs. Adirondack
Saturday 6/15 at Mohawk Valley
Sunday 6/16 at Adirondack
Monday 6/17 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Tuesday 6/18 at Newark
Thursday 6/20 vs. Adirondack Trail Blazers
Saturday 6/22 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Monday 6/24 vs. Watertown Rapids
Tuesday 6/25 at Mohawk Valley
Wednesday 6/26 vs. Newark Pilots
Friday 6/28 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Saturday 6/29 at Watertown
Sunday 6/30 at Elmira
Monday 7/1 vs. Utica Blue Sox
Wednesday 7/3 at Newark
Thursday 7/4 vs. Newark Pilots
Friday 7/5 vs. Watertown Rapids
Saturday 7/6 at Watertown
Sunday 7/7 at Adirondack
Tuesday 7/9 vs. Newark Pilots
Thursday 7/11 at Elmira
Friday 7/12 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Saturday 7/13 vs. Newark Pilots
Sunday 7/14 at Utica
Monday 7/15 at Newark
7/16-17 All Star Break
Thursday 7/18 at Adirondack
Friday 7/19 vs. Newark Pilots
Saturday 7/20 at Utica
Sunday 7/21 vs. Elmira Pioneers
Tuesday 7/23 at Elmira
Wednesday 7/24 at Utica
Thursday 7/25 vs. Adirondack Trail Blazers
Friday 7/26 vs. Newark Pilots
Saturday 7/27 at Elmira
Sunday 7/28 vs. Utica Blue Sox
Tuesday 7/30 at Newark
Wednesday 7/31 vs. Watertown Rapids