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Team Schedule

Dategame timeopponentpromotionsScores or Parks
Thu, Jun 37:05 PMNewarkOpening Day!Jun 17, 4:00 PM
Fri, Jun 47:04 PMNiagara5-8
Sat, Jun 57:04 PM@ Auburn5-2
Sun, Jun 65:03 PMBatavia2-4
Mon, Jun 77:13 PM@ Newark7-3
Wed, Jun 97:04 PMNewark7-3
Thu, Jun 107:05 PM@ Elmira4-5
Fri, Jun 117:28 PM@ Batavia7-6
Sat, Jun 127:12 PM@ Newark10-0
Sun, Jun 135:03 PMElmira6-5
Mon, Jun 147:05 PMNewark7-8
Wed, Jun 167:10 PM@ Newark4-7
Thu, Jun 174:08 PMNewark14-8
Thu, Jun 178:30 PMNewark2-5
Fri, Jun 187:18 PM@ Watertown4-5
Sat, Jun 197:05 PM@ ElmiraPostponed TBD
Sun, Jun 205:01 PM@ Auburn0-4
Mon, Jun 217:05 PMAuburnPostponed TBD
Wed, Jun 237:05 PMJamestown10-4
Thu, Jun 247:09 PM@ Batavia0-7
Fri, Jun 257:05 PM@ NewarkColburn Park
Sat, Jun 267:05 PMAuburnMcDonough Park
Sun, Jun 275:00 PMUticaMcDonough Park
Mon, Jun 287:00 PM@ JamestownDiethrick Park
Tue, Jun 297:05 PM@ AuburnFalcon
Thu, Jul 17:05 PMJamestownMcDonough Park
Fri, Jul 27:05 PM@ AuburnFalcon
Sat, Jul 37:05 PMAuburnLittle League NightMcDonough Park
Sun, Jul 47:00 PM@ JamestownDiethrick Park
Mon, Jul 57:05 PMAuburnMcDonough Park
Tue, Jul 67:05 PM@ BataviaDwyer
Wed, Jul 77:05 PMSyracuse Salt CatsMilitary Appreciation NightMcDonough Park
Thu, Jul 86:00 PM@ NiagaraSal Maglie
Fri, Jul 97:05 PMAuburnMcDonough Park
Sat, Jul 107:05 PM@ NewarkColburn Park
Sun, Jul 115:00 PMElmiraMcDonough Park
Mon, Jul 127:00 PM@ JamestownDiethrick Park
Tue, Jul 137:05 PMBataviaMcDonough Park
Thu, Jul 156:00 PM@ NiagaraSal Maglie
Fri, Jul 167:05 PMNiagaraMcDonough Park
Sat, Jul 177:05 PM@ ElmiraDunn Field
Sun, Jul 185:00 PM@ NewarkColburn Park
Mon, Jul 197:05 PMElmiraMcDonough Park
Wed, Jul 217:05 PMNiagaraMcDonough Park
Fri, Jul 237:05 PMNewarkMcDonough Park
Sat, Jul 247:05 PM@ NewarkColburn Park
Sun, Jul 255:00 PMNiagaraMcDonough Park
Mon, Jul 267:05 PMUticaMcDonough Park
Tue, Jul 276:00 PM@ NiagaraSal Maglie
Wed, Jul 287:05 PMNewarkMcDonough Park
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